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Find meaning in your marriage and family through resources from Marriage Vantage Point.

Inspiring Couples Through God’s Word 

Every relationship has its purpose. Find meaning in your marriage and family through resources from Marriage Vantage Point. Here, you may find books on the said topics or tune in to our radio program every Saturday.

We host “Marriage In A Minute” at 3:30 PM on the Omega Radio Broadcasting Network. This can be listened to on 101.9FM in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You may also tune in from anywhere via WOIB (a free mobile application). Should you have any questions about us and our work, contact us today.


Marriage Vantage Point is a faith-based organization built on biblical truths geared toward helping married couples along their beautiful journey of marriage, while reminding husbands and wives that they are both the MVP (Most Valuable Person) of their marriage.

As founders of this organization, Carim and Michelle Hyatt are not only the ultimate example of a Godly married couple, but also have a heart and passion for not only marriages and families but for THE LORD.

They display the heart of God for marriage as they both team up in writing and imparting whatever God places on their hearts. Both Carim and Michelle have been serving Christ for many years.

Every marriage deserves to experience the purpose that God created it to be. Just the same, every married couple, husband and wife, deserves the privilege of knowing their purpose in the marriage in order to have that great, joyful relationship that God desires for them. Marriage Vantage Point is founded upon helping husbands and wives find that purpose and experience that joy as they live together in Holy Matrimony. 

Join Carim and Michelle on this adventure of marriage through encouraging books they have written along with radio programs they have hosted on the topic of marriage. Remember, healthy discussions lead to a healthier marriage. Your marriage will experience a life like no other.


Mission Statement

To inspire every married couple

to believe in one spirit, one kingdom, one flesh!

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